About Us Wanneroo Metal Recycling

WANNEROO METAL RECYCLING is a Local family run and owned business servicing over 500 Local Perth customers. With over 20 years of knowledge and skills in Recycling scrap metal effectively, safely and environmentally friendly Wanneroo Metal Recycling differs from competitors by evolving to suit each individual customer. Wanneroo Metal Recycling are Buyers and Traders of SCRAP METAL as well processors and exporters of SCRAP METAL.

Taking this step forward in our business we can now service a wider range of customers, offer the our best rates and always ensuring efficient and safe working environment are maintained. Being a family run business it is the best interest to try as best to keep the businesses own costs down and there for offer their customers the best rates and service possible. Our team at WMR is dedicated to assisting their customers to the best possible standards with developing many skill and a wide knowledge for metal recycling.

We understand the importance of making the world a cleaner and more resourceful place so they endeavor to do our best to be environmentally friendly with usage of machinery as well as trying our best to be productive for the future.