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About us

Wanneroo Metal Recycling

WANNEROO METAL RECYCLING is a locally owned and family run business, servicing over 500 local Perth customers. “WMR” has over 20 years of knowledge and skills in recycling scrap metal effectively, safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. WMR differs from competitors by evolving to suit each individual customer. WMR is a Buyer and Trader of SCRAP METAL as well processor and exporter of SCRAP METAL.

Now that we process and export our own metals, we can service a wider range of customers, offer the our best rates and always ensure an efficient and safe working environment is maintained.

WMR always does the best to keep the customers’ own costs down and offer the best rates and service possible. Our team at WMR is dedicated to assisting customers with the best possible standards, having developed many skill and a strong knowledge for metal recycling.

We understand the importance of making the world clean and resourceful, we endeavour to do our best to be environmentally friendly. This is achieved through with the usage of machinery and always doing our best to be productive for the future.

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