Aluminum Plate Recycling Perth

Aluminium is one of the most
recycled materials on earth. Almost 75 per cent of the 1.5 billion tonnes of
Aluminium ever produced is still in use today. And every year, more than 30 million tonnes of aluminium scrap is
recycled globally, ensuring its status as one of the most recycled materials
on the planet.

Family Owned

Local WA Family Run business that has supported and serviced Perth businesses and community for over 

21 years. With knowledge, saftey and customer focus the key to running this business and servicing WMR customers.

Prompt Service

We provide a undercover drive thru yard. That the team at WMR strive to keep clean and sorted to esure every customer’s Scrap metal is sorted as efficiently and key focus on our service.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

WMR are always looking at Environmentally friendly ideas and ways to reduce the effects of Climate Change. Our use of Euro 3 and Euro 4 – Forklifts, Low powered processes and equiptment also make reductions in waste produced during the recycling procedure used at WMR and the need for Clean quality mineral extraction from recycled Metals with Sustainablity  focus.

Aluminum Cast recycling

Wanneroo Metal Recycling is constantly looking for ways to effectively recycle aluminum castings and that’s one of many things that makes us a leader in this space. Whether it is automotive cast aluminium scrap or materials sourced from other clients, there are many uses for recycled aluminum cast in the mainstream market. This particular type of material has a wide variety of uses in the home and industry market. 

The most common places that you will find aluminum cast is in home products and patio furniture. It is also commonly used for components in small appliances, hand-held tools, lawn equipment, and other household machinery. In any case, there is major value in recycling this material and relying on a metal recycling company that can help you in transporting them. Aluminum cast also accounts for a big part of the automotive industry production needs and in many cases, is one of the biggest metals in the market. This is thanks to its lightweight nature and endless recycling capacity. 

Cast Aluminum vs. Aluminum

Major manufacturers and product producers in Australia have to weigh in on the differences when it comes to cast aluminum or aluminum. This is a tough one because these two metals can be very similar in makeup and only have marginal differences. Even with that said, there are some varying characteristics. Whether it is cast or original aluminum, all the products manufactured from this material are typically known to be solid, long-lasting, and low maintenance. On the other hand, the aluminum cast is more durable and versatile. From home to high-tech industry, this casted metal is built for toughness. This should also tell you that it is a great scrap source for melting and recycling.

Benefits of recycled cast aluminum

The amount of energy used to produce aluminum is reason enough for professional metal recycling services in Perth. This can make a difference in the cost of producing the products that require this material. It is common knowledge that primary aluminum processing and extraction uses a great deal of energy. The use and processing of secondary aluminum is a more energy-efficient choice, and it can produce a large amount of usable material with less effort. To put it in perspective, recycled aluminum uses approximately 90% less energy than mining for pure aluminum.

All types of aluminium are recyclable, and a large majority of recycled aluminium materials are still in use today. This is a metal that maintains all of its physical and mechanical properties even during the melting process.

When it comes to recycling aluminum cast products for reuse, this is the typical process:

Recycling Services

Alloy Rims/MAGS

Aluminum Cast


Electrical Cables

Electric Motors

Car Batteries

Drill Bits