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Wanneroo Metal Recycling is a highly qualified and experienced Scrap Metal Recycler and that includes procuring and sorting Brass scrap for export markets. There are many different types of brass, and they can comprise a variety of Copper alloys which have different properties, colours, and values.

Family Owned

Local WA Family Run business that has supported and serviced Perth businesses and community for over 

21 years. With knowledge, saftey and customer focus the key to running this business and servicing WMR customers.

Prompt Service

We provide a undercover drive thru yard. That the team at WMR strive to keep clean and sorted to esure every customer’s Scrap metal is sorted as efficiently and key focus on our service.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

WMR are always looking at Environmentally friendly ideas and ways to reduce the effects of Climate Change. Our use of Euro 3 and Euro 4 – Forklifts, Low powered processes and equiptment also make reductions in waste produced during the recycling procedure used at WMR and the need for Clean quality mineral extraction from recycled Metals with Sustainablity  focus.

Brass recycling

Wanneroo Metal Recycling is a highly qualified and experienced scrap metal recycler and quality brass recycling. There are many different types of brass, and they can comprise a variety of Copper alloys which have different properties, colours, and values. The most common type is known as yellow brass, and this is commonly used in a number of everyday items. When we recycle brass, we go through every process required to ensure that it is clean and safe for reuse. Some brass materials that are commonly recycled include brass tapware, locks and keys, slag and turnings, which may vary in brass type and a number of contaminants. 

There are a number of economic advantages when it comes to recycling brass scrap. First and foremost, it is more cost-effective than producing brass from raw materials because it requires less energy and resources to do so.  With the team at Wanneroo, we can also ensure that recycling comes with a financial benefit in more ways than one. Whether it is brass or any other kind of scrap metal, there is value in recycling. It’s also convenient to recycle brass scrap in bulk. That means you can clean up your work site and get this task off your hand more efficiently than you might think. We can assist you in a number of ways and we invite you to explore them all.

Differences between red and yellow Brass

Brass is made up of iron and varying zinc amounts and that is what separates red from yellow brass. Yellow brass is the most typically appearing type, whereas red brass is sometimes mistaken for copper when visually examined. It is the copper value that makes the distinction between the two, but they are equally welcomed for Perth metal recycling needs. 

The brass recycling process

Brass products and scrap metals are broken down to begin complex procedures. Once they’ve been crushed down, the brass metals can be liquified and changed over into little sheets. This is achieved by softening with an enormous metal heater. It is taken to a particular heater intended to meet that specific metal. A lot of vitality is utilized in this progression. An important part of processing includes decontamination to ensure that the brass is liberated from contaminants. This can be achieved in a number of ways including electrolysis. Sanitized, decontaminated, and liquefied metals are then cooled and hardened. It is at this point, that we can break them down for convenient use in other ways. 

Wanneroo Metal recycling is a full-service metal recycler

We’re already recognized as an industry leader in metal recycling, and we’ve been in operation for over 20 years. We’re a one-stop shop for all your needs, and we will accept all types of scrap metal recycling needs. We offer highly flexible collection and drop-off options and all while aiming to pay you top prices for your metal with fast and friendly service. Our professional team of Perth metal recyclers is dedicated to providing industry-lea service for job-site recycling and collection.

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