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The mining of tungsten is a very difficult and labour-intensive process. Typically found in minerals that contain less than 0.5 percent of it, the production of a single tungsten carbide insert requires a huge volume of material. This obviously requires a lot of energy-consuming processing and transportation that add up to a considerable cost. Having an easy way to recycle the worn-down tungsten which remains in the drill bits deliver substantial savings.

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Local WA Family Run business that has supported and serviced Perth businesses and community for over 

21 years. With knowledge, saftey and customer focus the key to running this business and servicing WMR customers.

Prompt Service

We provide a undercover drive thru yard. That the team at WMR strive to keep clean and sorted to esure every customer’s Scrap metal is sorted as efficiently and key focus on our service.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

WMR are always looking at Environmentally friendly ideas and ways to reduce the effects of Climate Change. Our use of Euro 3 and Euro 4 – Forklifts, Low powered processes and equiptment also make reductions in waste produced during the recycling procedure used at WMR and the need for Clean quality mineral extraction from recycled Metals with Sustainablity  focus.

Drill Bits recycling

Our drill bit recycling service is designed to help you dispose of your old drill bits in the most responsible way. We take all types of drill bit material including steel, titanium, cobalt and carbide. No matter what the condition of your drill bits, we can recycle them for you.

Drill Bits Recycling

At Perth Metal Recycling, we take drill bit recycling seriously. We are committed to helping protect the environment and are proud to offer this service to our customers. So if you have any old drill bits that need to be recycled, please get in touch with us today.

How are Drill Bits Recycled?

We use specialised equipment to separate the metal from the drill bits. All metals are then recycled, with the metal being melted down and reused in new products. We also ensure that all other components are disposed of in an appropriate manner.

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