Steel Recycling Perth

About 40 percent of all steel produced is created through recycling. Steel is the most recycled material in the world and can be recycled forever. 60 percent of steel is recycled but because more steel is produced than scrapped, recycled steel makes up about 40 percent of the total amount of steel produced. A total of 1085 million tons of steel is recycled a year. Steel recycling avoids almost 950 million tons of CO2 emissions, 1 billion tons of iron ore, and the energy equivalent to burning about 280 million tons of coal (compared to producing the steel from mining of metal ore). Steel recycling makes possible what is often called “closed loop production” – a material eco-system where no materials are wasted but where everything is re-used over and over again. WMR are here to make this happen to our world’s future.

Family Owned

Local WA Family Run business that has supported and serviced Perth businesses and community for over 

21 years. With knowledge, saftey and customer focus the key to running this business and servicing WMR customers.

Prompt Service

We provide a undercover drive thru yard. That the team at WMR strive to keep clean and sorted to esure every customer’s Scrap metal is sorted as efficiently and key focus on our service.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

WMR are always looking at Environmentally friendly ideas and ways to reduce the effects of Climate Change. Our use of Euro 3 and Euro 4 – Forklifts, Low powered processes and equiptment also make reductions in waste produced during the recycling procedure used at WMR and the need for Clean quality mineral extraction from recycled Metals with Sustainablity  focus.

Machinery recycling

Dealing with industrial equipment when it reaches its end of life can be tricky. Many of our local industrial clients struggle with managing the relocation and disposal of old machinery but we’re here to help. There’s no need to leave them at the back of the warehouse or in your garage anymore. Wanneroo Metal Recycling is an expert in scrapping industrial equipment and machinery. You are welcome to give us a call for all your scrap metal recycling needs and to recycle the old equipment and machinery on site. Our recycling centre accepts various types of equipment and machinery which most commonly includes things like forklifts, industrial vehicles, sorting equipment, printing and packaging machines, and much more. 

We have designated drop-off locations for this and many other recyclable materials in Perth. All of them will undergo a stringent process that may involve sorting component materials and data destruction (a necessary step, depending on the equipment, to ensure safety and security). Wanneroo Metal Recycling specializes in transporting heavy equipment in the Greater Perth region. No matter how you prefer to manage your scrap metal and machinery, we will help you in the most efficient way possible.

Professional scrap metal and machinery recycling in Perth

Professional recycling is a process that begins with the collection of materials and ends with the sustainable reproduction of these materials back into use. Wanneroo Metal Recycling has been in this business for many decades, and we know how to develop and provide quality recycling solutions to a wide range of clientele in this region. Thanks to our vast experience in recycling methods and our high-performance production facilities, we can offer metal recycling services of the highest quality. 

While you can rely on us for typical recycling services for your cans and other scrap metal, you can also rely on us for the safe management of old machinery that you want to dispose of. We’re working to increase the percentage of recyclable materials. Not everyone knows, but not all waste is recycled. This negatively affects the environment. By trusting us to recycle your old and decommissioned machinery, you are reducing the pressure on emissions, waste facility constraints and environmental strain. 

Equipment recycling process

Depending on the type of recyclable material, the equipment necessary for its processing changes. All recyclable materials need preliminary grinding, and this requires special machinery. Grinding allows us to optimize the process and simplifies the storage of recyclable materials. We will then use high-tech processing to ensure the accurate sorting of materials. There are some materials that need additional processing, but the entire journey ends with the compression of the recycled materials into various shapes (balls, blocks, sheets etc). Recycled materials, in this form, are sent to factories for further use. Our company provides turnkey solutions for materials processing. We create innovative systems that optimize the safe management of scrap metals. Give us a call at 089309 9556 and we can outline all the professional recycling services on offer with our skilled team at Wanneroo Metal Recycling. 

Recycling Services

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